Cat Boarding Over Christmas

The Christmas period is the time of year when most Australians take their annual holiday. So it’s no surprise that it’s also the time of the year when pets are left to fend for themselves.

Having a neighbour come and put fresh food and water out every day or two is one thing, but if you’re going away for any length of time, you should consider cat boarding for your animal.

While cats are often called solitary creatures, they are actually social creatures that need love and affection. Just think about how many times your feline friend meows at you, rubs their head on your legs, purrs, or sits on your lap, on a weekly basis. Even when he or she is simply sitting across the room, they are enjoying your company.

So why not spend that little bit more on a cat hotel for your pet. At Bayside Cat Resort, all animals get their own suite. There is food on the floor level, a toilet with complete privacy and plenty of other furniture including scratching poles. Plus all staff members are huge cat lovers and will shower your pet with lots of love and attention.