A Cat Hotel Will Have You Feline Fine

We all go away from time to time. And if you’re a cat owner, you need to make a choice whether to leave your animal at home, or put them up in accommodation for the duration of your trip. Asking a neighbour to feed your furry friend for any more than a few days can be a bit of a stretch, and with cats legally obliged to stay indoors overnight, this won’t be a very enjoyable time for them.

It is sometimes difficult for your family when you need to leave your lovable pet at a cattery, but a cat hotel is a completely different option altogether. A cat hotel is the purrfect opportunity to take the family away on holiday while your feline friend rests in the lap of luxury.

Cattery vs cat hotel

If you have already boarded your pet at a cattery on previous occasions, you will know that the cats are kept in individual metal cages that are cleaned every day, and they usually have a scratching pole, one or more climbing areas, toys and good food.

Whilst for many cat lovers, this type of accommodation is all they need for their feline friends, more discerning owners prefer to treat their cats to a first class holiday with luxury accommodation. We all know that cats demand the very best food, sleeping quarters and the best spots in the sun, and at a cat hotel, your cat will have all of this and more.

We here at Bayside Cat Resort are a team of cat lovers who are all trained professionals and absolutely love cats! Our cat hotel provides your cat with the very best-appointed suites and there isn’t a wire cage of metal enclosure in sight. Instead, your feline friend’s luxury suite ensures that your cat is totally relaxed and stress-free, spending their time in the lap of luxury and experiencing a wonderful pampered holiday for themselves.

Kerrie’s staff spend all their time in this “cat hotel”, playing and cuddling with their guests and making sure that they are happy and comfortable in their suites. If your cat doesn’t like playing or cuddling, that’s not a problem, as Kerrie and her staff will take their cue from you. Your cat will have the option of three very comfortable beds where they can lounge and soak up the atmosphere every day. They can also climb their custom designed climbing shelves to their heart’s content, sleeping on the very top shelf and surveying their domain.

Don’t forget that your cat will have his or her choice of food options at every meal time, and you can even BYO food, guaranteeing a first-class holiday experience for your animal.

Prices at the Bayside Cat Resort are very comparable to your average cattery, so why not treat kitty to an awesome break as well, where the accommodation is so much better! Compared to leaving your cat to fend for themselves at home or asking your neighbour to pop in every day to feed your cat, even booking them into a cattery – if you want luxury accommodation then please consider Bayside Cat Resort. We are conveniently located in Cheltenham, Melbourne, and accept visitors from anywhere.

Your animal will feel like they are still in a lovely home during their entire stay, rather than cooped up in a cage.

Questions to ask the Cat Hotel

To make sure that you are happy with your choice of cattery or cat hotel, here are a few questions you need to ask the management:

  • Will your cat be kept in a cage or metal enclosure or will they have a nice, comfortable suite to themselves?
  • Does the cat hotel have an on-call Vet for emergencies?
  • Can you provide your own food for your cat at no extra cost?
  • Do the cats have access to the outside if they want to explore?
  • Is the accommodation large enough with different climbing levels, toys and A/C?
  • If they offer different prices for their accommodation – how are these prices reflected in your cat’s care?