Six Reasons Why Cats are Better than Dogs

Garfield or Odie? Milo or Otis? Snowball or Santas Little Helper? Which pet are you more drawn to and which animals are better, cats or dogs? This may be a controversial topic, but as a cat boarding business, we believe our audience will be quite receptive to our analysis.

Cats are definitely better than dogs and here is why:

1. Cats don’t require walking

Dogs need to be walked every day. Even if it’s pouring with rain, you still need to take them out to get their exercise and do their “business”. Cats don’t need walking, and are content to do their own exercise without the need for your involvement. On top of that, you don’t need to take them outside to use the bathroom. A cat can simply use kitty litter inside the house.

2. Cats cost less to look after

As a smaller animal, cats unsurprisingly eat less food. But on top of that, other costs such as insurance, bedding, and medical treatments are lower for cats compared to dogs.

3. Cats are cleaner

Dogs attract dirt and grime and require you to regularly wash them. A cat generally keeps clean and always washes itself.

4. Cats are quieter

Loud barking is one of the most annoying features of a dog. Not all breeds bark incessently, but without proper training, can cause quite a havoc in the noise department. Cats meow a lot less, and at a lot lower volume.

5. Cats can live in smaller areas

To own a dog you need to have a decent sized home, with some outdoor space. Unless you have a designer dog that fits in a handbag, but who really wants one of those? Cats can live in small houses and even apartments. They can find a place to sleep in the smallest of areas.

6. Cats make you earn their respect

Unlike dogs who fall in love with anyone who hands them a treat, cats take longer to show their affection to people. While they may be considered snobs to outsiders, to someone who has earned their love and respect over time, cats are truly loyal, affectionate and fulfilling.

A cat has absolute emotional honesty: human beings, for one reason or another, may hide their feelings, but a cat does not.
—Ernest Hemingway