Happy Cat Month

Did you know that September is Happy Cat Month? Even though our cats demand that we keep them happy 365 days a year, Happy Cat Month means that we have to go the extra mile to spoil our precious moggies!

So how can you ramp up your cat’s happiness factor this month?

1. Design an outdoor catio: Keeping your cat safe and sound inside your home is becoming more of a theme for many cat owners, particularly when our native wildlife is under threat. Whilst your cat loves being indoors and snoozing in a comfy warm spot, he or she still likes to be outside and this is where a catio is absolutely purrrfect! These outdoor enclosures can provide hours of fun for your cat, as well as lots of sunny spots for an afternoon nap.

2. Fun and challenging food dispensers: If you want to add some exercise, fun and excitement into your cat’s life then try adding a food dispenser to their mealtimes. You can find puzzle dispensers that stimulate your cat’s brain and interactive toys and snack boxes that challenge your cat to get at their food.

3. Buy a new toy: Cats love to use their hunting instincts, so any toys that give them a run for their money will be gratefully received! You could also teach your cat a new trick, because cats are very intelligent and will willingly learn tricks if it’s entertaining and stimulates their mind.

4. Check their diet: We all know that cats can be fussy eaters, but they also need a diet that maintains their health, especially as they age. Why not use Happy Cat Month as an excuse to take your cat to the vet for a check-up and a review of their diet?

5. Buy some catnip: We all know that cats love catnip, so why not treat your cat this September? You could include a catnip plant in their catio and watch their eyes light up as they become all dreamy and happy. Valerian is another plant that cats love, as are cat thyme, spider plants (they eat these) and silver vine. You could plant a cat garden in your catio and keep your cat happy every day!

6. Fun hiding places: There is nothing quite like a new cardboard box for making your cat happy. If your cat could give you a high five, then they would do it when they find a box! Cats love hiding and a box is their idea of cat heaven, so next time you have a delivery, make sure your cat is happy and give them the box.

7. Design a cat den: Cats need their own space where they feel safe and secure, so now is the purrrfect time to design a space that your cat knows is just for them. Include a cat tower or somewhere they can perch on high and they can survey their domain and keep an eye out for dinner time!

8. Play with your cat: Indoor cats need additional stimulation so that they don’t become bored and overweight, so playtime is a great way to give them exercise, stimulate their minds and promote the bond between both of you. There are plenty of toys available in the shops and online, but you can easily make your own toys if you are creative.