Cutest Cat Photos You’ll Ever See

Cats are super cute. There’s simply no denying that. And we are lucky to get a lot of awesome kitties staying in our resort.

But here’s some gorgeous cats we haven’t had the pleasure of meeting, but hope give you pleasure simply from looking at them!

Why won’t someone play with me?


True love.



Am I a kitten or a mouse?



Bow down before my feline fury!



What did you just say about dollar a litre milk??


Yeah it’s me, grumpy cat. Get over it. I’m cute!!


What do you mean you don’t know where my head finishes and my fur starts??



If I get low enough to the ground, maybe they won’t see me!



Way ahead of you pal!



Are you gonna stand there and take my photo or are you gonna help me up??



I’m human on the inside!



I really hope this doesn’t contain caffeine as my nap is coming up soon!



Okay, you found me! Your turn!



Okay I’ll spoon you for 5 minutes then we swap!


True love!

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