Advice for Pet Owners Going on Holidays

If you’re a cat owner, chances are you have a special bond with your animal. So it’s no surprise that when you travel for any extended period of time the thought of leaving your cat behind is a difficult one. You always have to make a tough decision whether you put the responsibility upon your neighbours to feed your furry feline while you’re away, changing its water regularly and keeping a general eye on it, or put it in a cat boarding facility.

All cats require regular fresh water and food and Australian law stipulates cats must be kept inside at night time. So you would need reliable neighbours who are willing to call the cat every evening and have access to inside your home. For a short trip, you may consider leaving kitty inside for the duration, but depriving him or her of fresh air any longer than a couple of days isn’t recommended.

A cat boarding facility is a wise option when you’re going on holidays as you don’t need to place the burden on neighbours, and can relax knowing your animal is being looked after. Some things to consider when choosing a pet resort include:

  •  location – the closer to home, the less travel in the dreaded “box”
  •  staff – friendly staff who will interact with the animal is very important
  •  food – having a good variety of food and the option to supply your own
  •  price – make sure you don’t get hit for additional fees for services you’re not aware of

Bayside Cat Resort focuses on giving your animal a loving and enjoyable stay. We are all cat lovers and look forward to taking care of your pet, so you can rest easy and enjoy your holiday. We also recommend bringing something from home, such as your cat’s favourite toy or blanket. Having something that smells like home can help them settle in even better.