6 of the loudest cat breeds

Many people think that cats simply snooze in the sun for most of the day, keeping quiet and making no more noise than a mouse. Whilst this is true for many cat breeds, some of our feline friends can communicate very loudly with their owners when necessary.

Purrs and meows are well known, as cats use these vocalisations to communicate their moods or needs (sometimes their demands!) to their owners. Some cat breeds, however, tend to be far more vocal than others.

So if you are ready to share your life with a feline friend and want a very vocal cat (or a very quiet one!), the following list of the six most chatty cats should help you to make the right choice for your needs.

Sphynx cats:

Known as a very chatty cat, the Sphynx often has a raspy or hoarse voice and can be very demanding when they set their mind to it! Sphynx cats love affection and interactions with their owners, in fact it might be better to say that they crave these interactions, so they can be very vocal indeed!

Bengal cats:

Another breed that loves cuddles with their owners, Bengals can be very noisy as well, because they love to chat. In fact, they can be extremely loud and talkative with their owners, communicating with chirps, meows, purrs and yowls, and they love it when their owners start a conversation with them!

bengal cat

Siamese cats:

Some people say that Siamese cats are even more chatty than Bengals or Sphynx breeds, and it can often be true, because they can natter away all day long. They can also be quite demanding when they want attention, expressing their feelings very forcibly. They can also sound like a baby crying, which can be most disconcerting!

Burmese cats:

Often said to be just as vocal as Siamese cats, although with a deeper and softer voice (also described as a ‘rumbling’ voice), they can be just as pushy as their Asian cousins with their demands. This is a very confident and intelligent breed and they don’t do well left alone for long periods.

burmese cat

Tonkinese cats:

Just like their Siamese and Burmese cousins, Tonkinese cats love to chat with their owners and demand a lot of attention. They can be very strong willed, however, craving attention and playtime, and have a very distinctive meow that they use to good effect when interacting with their owners.

Maine Coon cats:

This breed can not only meow with the best of the other vocal cats, but they often chirp and trill to their heart’s content, especially at birds on the windowsill or in the garden. They are also known to follow their owners around the house, chatting all the way and think nothing of carrying on a conversation all day long. Maine Coon cats love socialising with their owners and will greet you at the door when you arrive home from work – ready for a conversation!

maine coon cat

Most cats will chitter-chatter away, even if it’s very quietly, but if you want to hold a serious conversation with your feline friend, these are the six breeds that love to talk!