4 signs your cat is bored and 8 easy solutions to enrich their lives

Many people opt for keeping a cat, because cats are thought to be much more independent than a dog. In some ways this might be true, but in many ways it isn’t and cats can easily become bored if their needs are not met, particularly if they are indoor cats. So let’s take a look at 4 signs that your cat might be bored and then at 8 ways you can quickly and easily enrich their lives.

Signs that your cat is thoroughly bored with life include:

  1. Couch potatoes: We all know that cats tend to sleep for at least 15 hours a day, but if your cat isn’t bothering to play or socialise, then they might be bored.
  2. Obesity: If your cat is constantly eating all the time, this can be a sign that they are feeling rather jaded and eating is something that makes them feel good and passes the time.
  3. Licking all the time: Cats spend lots of time grooming themselves, but over grooming can be a sign of boredom and stress, resulting in skin irritations and bald spots.
  4. Stalking: Cats that stalk you or other pets in the household tend to be bored, so they are creating their own diversions to give themselves something to do.

If you have realised that your cat might be lacking stimulation and interest in their lives, here are 8 ways to bring the spring back into their step:

  1. Install a bird feeder: Just imagine having a bird feeder right outside your cat’s favourite window perch. This will keep them entertained for hours on end and will surely banish their bored behaviour.
  2. Foraging for food: Split up your cat’s food into small portions and hide bits and bobs around the house, making your cat hunt down his or her food.
  3. Outdoor enclosures: Erect a cat proof enclosure outside (attached to the house), giving your cat the stimulation of being outside, but being kept safely away from the wildlife.
  4. Scratching post: As anyone who doesn’t have a scratching post will testify, scratching is an instinctive behaviour for cats. So add a scratching post in your home and add some daily stimulation for your cat.
  5. Hide treats: Make your cat work for their treats by hiding them in plain view, but in containers that are not easy to open, to keep them busy trying to get at their treats.
  6. Vertical perches: Cats love to climb, so consider installing a variety of cat perches on the walls, so they can climb up and down and lounge around looking down at their world from on high.
  7. Walk your cat: Lots of cat owners actually take their indoor cats for a walk on a lead around the garden or neighbourhood and this is a great way to give both of you some exercise and stimulation.
  8. Get another cat: Without a doubt, if you add another cat into the mix, your existing cat will find a new lease on life! This doesn’t always work with older cats, so ask your vet for advice, but for younger cats this can be a great solution to boredom.