5 Tips for a Cat Friendly Festive Season

It’s unlikely that your cat knows that Christmas is just around the corner, but they do know when things change in their lives. For some cats, change is fine, however others find it very stressful, particularly when these changes can last for days or weeks.

So here are the Bayside Cat Resort’s five tips for a cat friendly festive season.

1. Plan your decorations with the cat in mind

If you own a cat, you just know that their eyes start twinkling and their claws sharpen at the very though of a big, green Christmas tree. Your best strategy at this point is to keep the tree and your cat separate, but if that’s impossible, make sure that the tree can’t be tipped over and if you have a live tree, make sure that you remove the pine needles that drop under the tree, because these are sharp and can injure your cat.

Also, don’t put any of your cat’s favourite foods on or under the tree, don’t use tinsel, don’t use shiny dangling decorations, don’t use lights because cats can chew the wires, in fact, just don’t have a tree!

cat playing with christmas tree

2. Clean up any ribbons or string from presents

Ribbons and string look really inviting to cats and you will often see them playing with these when they are left on the floor. The problem is however, that if your cat swallows any string or bits of ribbon, it can cause big problems for them and a fast visit to the vet on Christmas isn’t something you want!

3. Setup a cat room if you’re entertaining

Even if you cat is fine for most of the time with all the Christmas festivities, always make sure that they have a safe, quiet spot where they can retreat and de-stress. Many cats will become overwhelmed with so many people in the house, so it’s a good idea to close off a room just for your cat, where no-one else is allowed. Pop in the litter tray, bedding, water and toys, and your cat can enjoy Christmas their way.

cat room

4. Keep seasonal plants out of reach

Always make sure that any plants with berries are kept away from your cat, just in case they decide to eat them. These include mistletoe and holly, but ivy is also a problem for cats and needs to be banned from your home. The evidence for Poinsettias being poisonous is still unclear with some cats being severely ill and others unaffected, so it’s best to keep potted Poinsettias outside, rather than inside within the reach of your cat.

5. Organise cat boarding if you’re going away

If you are going away over the festive season, it’s a good idea to board your cat at a pet resort where they can receive 24/7 care, rather than leaving them at home with a bowl of food and a dish of water. At the Bayside Cat Resort we spoil all our cats, but even more so over Christmas!

Call us on 03 9585 5600 or send us an email to find out about boarding your cat with us.

cat hotel suite

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