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Older Cats - What changes occur with age?

As your cat becomes older, you may start to notice subtle changes in their behaviour, which may indicate that their health needs more attention. With good nutrition and excellent vet care, your cat may well live into its twenties!

Cats are considered to be “seniors” when they reach eight to ten years of age, so the earlier you notice any health issues, the more comfortable your cat will be as they enter their later years. It’s a good idea to ask your vet to give your senior cat a health check, so that you can address any unseen problems immediately and have a baseline for future check-ups.

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6 Warning Signs that your Cat is Sick

Knowing when you cat is not feeling well can be difficult, because many of the signs are very subtle. The longer you know your cat, the more you may be able to notice the signs that all is not well, but that’s not always true.

Cats can be quite tricky customers when it comes to sickness, so here are the warning signs that you need to keep an eye on, just in case your furry friend is really feeling under the weather and needs to visit the vet.

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6 of the loudest cat breeds

Many people think that cats simply snooze in the sun for most of the day, keeping quiet and making no more noise than a mouse. Whilst this is true for many cat breeds, some of our feline friends can communicate very loudly with their owners when necessary.

Purrs and meows are well known, as cats use these vocalisations to communicate their moods or needs (sometimes their demands!) to their owners. Some cat breeds, however, tend to be far more vocal than others.

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5 Tips for a Cat Friendly Festive Season

It’s unlikely that your cat knows that Christmas is just around the corner, but they do know when things change in their lives. For some cats, change is fine, however others find it very stressful, particularly when these changes can last for days or weeks.

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Happy Cat Month

Did you know that September is Happy Cat Month? Even though our cats demand that we keep them happy 365 days a year, Happy Cat Month means that we have to go the extra mile to spoil our precious moggies!

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Missing cat reunited with owner after 14 years

We all love a good news story, even more so when it involves a cat!

This month, an orange tabby in Florida was amazingly reunited with his owner after missing for 14 years.

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Is Your Cat Stressed?

The very definition of a cat seems to be as a relaxed, independent and furry companion who takes the world in its stride. You might be surprised to learn however, that cats can become quite stressed, particularly in the searing heat of our sweltering Melbourne summers.

It’s not only the heat that can affect your cat's stress levels – too many people coming and going in the house, the kids home all day from school, house guests staying for the holidays – all these changes can result in increased levels of anxiety and stress in your cat.

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A Cat Hotel Will Have You Feline Fine

We all go away from time to time. And if you're a cat owner, you need to make a choice whether to leave your animal at home, or put them up in accommodation for the duration of your trip. Asking a neighbour to feed your furry friend for any more than a few days can be a bit of a stretch, and with cats legally obliged to stay indoors overnight, this won't be a very enjoyable time for them.

It is sometimes difficult for your family when you need to leave your lovable pet at a cattery, but a cat hotel is a completely different option altogether. A cat hotel is the purrfect opportunity to take the family away on holiday while your feline friend rests in the lap of luxury.

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The Travelling Cat Circus That's Saving Lives

For 12 years, animal trainer Samantha Martin has been entertaining crowds with The Amazing Acro-Cats - a group of common house cats that jump through hoops, play musical instruments and even ride skateboards!

Since cats are known to do whatever they want, training multiple felines to partake in these activities is impressive in itself. But on top of that, the circus has helped save the lives of more than 200 kittens.

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What's the worst thing your cat has done?

Cats make an amazing pet, bringing immense joy and companionship to their owners over their lifetime. But they also have a naughty side, occasionally wreaking havoc that would make any dog blush! Here are some real stories from owners of the worst thing their cat has ever done.

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Toilet Training Your Kitten

If you've taken the step to buy a new kitten, it's likely you will be spending endless hours playing with them and enjoying their entertaining company. But in the early weeks, it's also important to implement a kitten litter box training with them.

Training them will not only get your relationship off to the ideal start but it will save you lots of grief, anger and time spent cleaning up! Training your new mini cat involves consistency and patience, but is well worth it in the long run.

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