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The Travelling Cat Circus That's Saving Lives

For 12 years, animal trainer Samantha Martin has been entertaining crowds with The Amazing Acro-Cats - a group of common house cats that jump through hoops, play musical instruments and even ride skateboards!

Since cats are known to do whatever they want, training multiple felines to partake in these activities is impressive in itself. But on top of that, the circus has helped save the lives of more than 200 kittens.

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What's the worst thing your cat has done?

Cats make an amazing pet, bringing immense joy and companionship to their owners over their lifetime. But they also have a naughty side, occasionally wreaking havoc that would make any dog blush! Here are some real stories from owners of the worst thing their cat has ever done.

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Toilet Training Your Kitten

If you've taken the step to buy a new kitten, it's likely you will be spending endless hours playing with them and enjoying their entertaining company. But in the early weeks, it's also important to implement a kitten litter box training with them.

Training them will not only get your relationship off to the ideal start but it will save you lots of grief, anger and time spent cleaning up! Training your new mini cat involves consistency and patience, but is well worth it in the long run.

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New Cat Movie Tugs at Heartstrings

Last week a movie was released in the cinemas that is causing quite a stir, to both animal lovers and movie buffs alike. Not since Marley and Me has a film with a pet as the lead character stirred up so many emotions in people, and caused them to consistently reach for their tissues.

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Six Reasons Why Cats are Better than Dogs

Garfield or Odie? Milo or Otis? Snowball or Santas Little Helper? Which pet are you more drawn to and which animals are better, cats or dogs? This may be a controversial topic, but as a cat boarding business, we believe our audience will be quite receptive to our analysis.

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Cat Boarding Over Christmas

The Christmas period is the time of year when most Australians take their annual holiday. So it's no surprise that it's also the time of the year when pets are left to fend for themselves.

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Why Do Cats Claw Furniture

Cats can bring so much joy to an owner but also plenty of frustration when they decide to claw the furniture or carpet. But there are a number of reasons why cats perform this behaviour, and ways you can help minimise it.

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